Sunday, August 20, 2017

Our last meal

The last meal of the ones we had delivered, NOT our last meal. This one was chicken breast with Italian seasoning, zucchini and tomato baked with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese and panko crumbs. And Orzo with lemon juice and parsley. Again all very good. From the time I took them out of the bag until we sat down to eat - around 40 minutes. 
 Getting things prepared. Used three pans for whole meal. 
 On the table.
 I have cancelled our subscription to Hello Fresh because we will be on the road for a couple weeks. No problem with cancelling.
Yesterday, Saturday, the maintenance workers put the new skirting on our house. One of their trucks. And Bill was teaching the park manager how to fly a drone. The park is thinking that the four sided inspections would be easier to do using a drone. 
One of the maintenance men. Everyone was here early in the a.m. Park manager was here at 5:45 to get his drone lessons. Wanted to have plenty of time before it got too hot out. 
The new skirting - the discoloring is lint on my camera. Sure looks better than before. 
Because I got up at 5:00 too I managed to finish the soldering on my window. Both front and back are soldered. Now I just have to do some touch up on the soldering, then clean it really good and then put the black patina on it. Then it can go up. But it will not get done right away. 
We've made plans to go on an RV trip for a couple of weeks. Leaving first of week. So the RV is out in front of the house for today and tomorrow. Bill wants to do some work in it. And then we'll load it up. More on that later. 
I spent a lot of time Wednesday and Friday watching NASCAR on TV. My favorite driver won the race Wednesday night and Friday night. And last nights race too. Sweep the whole weekend at Bristol. Only driver ever to win all three NASCAR touring series [Trucks, Xfinity and Cup] races in one weekend. The first two races this week he has had to come from the back to win. 
Yesterday we went to the ice cream social here in the park. Ice Cream infused with alcohol. Also cupcakes and cookies. They had a pretty good turnout. 
Finished my window this morning. It is all cleaned up and has the patina on it. Just have to polish both sides and it will be ready to put up. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A productive day and another meal from the box.

Yesterday morning while it was still cool out Bill pulled up the plants that were dead from our actual front yard. Where the front door is - but we never go that way.  We took them back to the nursery and got a refund then spent it all plus 17 cents more on new plants. Mostly we got yellow, orange and red lantanas. They seem to grow good here with out much care. The ones we planted in the spring are beautiful and big. The only bush we bought was this one. Another desert plant that doesn't need much care. It will have big orange and red flowers on it and it gets about six feet tall. Will block our view of the drainage ditch and block wall. All of these plants are on automatic drip sprinklers. 
 Gardner planting more lantanas along the neighbors picket fence. He also installed drip sprinklers. 
 More along the back wall. 
 Bill talking to the gardeners. These guys are the maintenance workers for the community. They are glad to work for residents after their regular hours, for pay of course. 
Well we got caught up in the last four-sided house inspection. They want us to replace some of the skirting on our manufactured home. We've been talking about doing it but never got it done. So guess it will get done now. Most of it is okay, just this one piece, that can be seen from the road, that is ugly. 
 I've been diligently working on my projects. Bill turned the window over for me so now I've started to solder the backside of it. No pictures. Only worked a little on it this morning. Shaking too much. Got the solder all over the glass instead of on the copper foil. 
Working on quilt too. I have the top row - the one on the bottom of the picture - put together. Also the third and fourth rows are sewn in strips. The only place to spread it out is on the floor of the small room, so going from living room to back rooms we now have to go through kitchen or walk on it. I do roll it up every day after I finish working on it. 
We had our second meal from the box tonight. Buttered-Up-Steak. This is how it looked when I took it out of its bag. Green beans, garlic cloves, gold Yukon potatoes, Dijon mustard and sirloin steak. All I had to add while cooking it was a couple drizzles of olive oil and butter for the herb butter. From here until we sat down was about 40 minutes. 
 The recipe, explains every step.
 Finished meal. It was very, very good. Potatoes and green beans very flavorful and steak tender and tasty. Plenty enough to feed two. 
The thing I like about it is - we've gotten into a rut eating - the same few things all the time. At least we are eating something different now. And I've forgotten how many things there are to eat. And how easy it is to fix something different. I might order another three meals for next week - if we decide not to go anywhere. 
Tomorrow we'll have our third meal. That's got to be a record, me cooking three nights in a row!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our meals in a box

Enjoying reading my nook. Bill took this cause he thinks it is funny the way I scrunch up to read. Also that I cover my feet with my blanket. With the AC and the ceiling fan running my feet got cold and started to cramp. Hate that. So I have to cover them up. 
 Spent part of the morning working on the t-shirt quilt. Have it mostly laid out now, the middle row is almost done.  Took that row over to the RV to make sure it would fit cross ways. Perfect, just enough room left to put on a border. It will take me a while to make cause I'm having to use my brain to figure out how to piece it. You can see the middle row has a lot of piecing in it. The block on the left is four pieces. The one next to it four pieces plus sashing. The middle one is just one big piece, the one next to it has sashing around all edges. And so forth. 
 Today our meals in a box arrived from Hello Fresh. Got here about 2:30 - delivered by FedEx. I was surprised by how heavy the box was. It came in a good sturdy cardboard box. 
 Opening up the box. Lots of insulating foil around everything.
 Looking down into the box. The recipes are on top, then a piece of insulation. 
 Took out recopies and raised insulation. The white bag on the right is an ice pack. Still frozen solid. The meals are in the brown bags. 
 Billl being excited that he will be getting a meal tonight. 
Just a piece of the packaging.
 The three meals. The chicken and steak came separately. Two chicken meals one steak meal. The vegetables and other ingredients are in the bags. 
Recipe cards included.
 Chicken Orzo Dinner - includes zucchini, tomato, Italian seasoning, orzo pasta, chicken breasts, fresh mozzarella, lemon, parsley, panko breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. 
 This is Buttered Up Steak - contains sirloin steak, yukon gold potatoes, garlic, parsley, green beans, dijon mustard 
 And we are having this tonight. Honey mustard chicken: chicken breasts, red onion, zucchini, sweet potatoes, garlic, honey, whole grain mustard, white wine vinegar, and parsley.
 The still frozen ice packets from the box. 
 The recipe, gives you info on what utensils you'll need i.e., baking sheet, medium, bowl medium pan, olive oil [only ingredient not included] Then step by step directions. Even suggests a wine. 
 And nutritional info - if you care. 
We got these three meals for two people for the introductory offer of $30. Mainly I was curious - and we get the benefit of me having to cook at least three nights - a real meal.  
All ready to be cooked. The only thing that didn't come with it is the salt, pepper and a little olive oil to coat vegetables and to add to marinade. Red onion, zucchini and sweet potato - cooked in oven. Chicken in honey, mustard, garlic and olive oil. Seared in pan then put in oven. 
 All done about 40 minutes later. One scale of 1 to 10 - a 10, even Bill had second helpings. And there are enough leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.  On serving platter. I didn't need to use all the parsley I guess. 
Tomorrow night we have the steak and potatoes. With the price we paid - about $5 for one person. I'd never cook this on my own - never thought about sweet potatoes with zucchini and onions!  So far so good. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I missed this sunrise!

All kinds of different weather lately. But the good thing is it is cooler. Very low 100's. The rain the other day. We got about 10 drops, but parts of the valley were deluged. This storm is over the west valley. 
 I saw this sunrise - Saturday morning. The one nice thing about monsoon weather the clouds in the sky. 
 Trying to figure out how to place all the t-shirt pieces. Some time today I'm going to go over to the RV and get exact measurements for the quilt size. Then maybe I'll be able to figure out some pattern. 
The square on the lower right corner will be my center piece. It is the biggest piece at 18 x 18". Will probably build the quilt around it. I wonder if I should try to make all the blocks 18 x 18? To do that will take some interesting piecing. 
 Bill got up this morning in time to witness this beautiful sunrise.

 It was actually cool enough in the garage this morning for me to work on my window. I got the red flower all soldered and a little work done on a few leaves. But after a short while my hands started shaking too bad to continue - and it was getting HOT. 
Soccer games and race today - none were any good. I was playing with my quilt during much of race. Got one block done and might end up ripping it out. Not sure if I like it or not. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Finishing up projects.

Still haven't gone any where interesting but have been keeping busy. Finished three more projects! Finished my table runner even stretched it and ironed it. Next time we go to Hobby Lobby I want to get a different centerpiece and some more yellow and or orange candles.
 I also finished the animal quilt for great grandson. All the animal squares are puffy and quilted. I managed to use up some of the material I had laying around. The borders and sashing. 
 And then I used the fourth daisy square I'd made and turned it into either a wall hanging or a baby doll quilt. Sending it with the quilt to my granddaughter. She has a six year old girl too. Sewed a lady bug button on it.
 And the center flower is 3-D.
So got a bunch of things finished off.  Did most of it while watching NASCAR on TV. Makes me feel better about just sitting there. Also baked some banana nut cupcakes. Smelled so good while baking. Down side was it really heated up the kitchen. Though the actual weather is cooler today - only 103!
The ants that bit me yesterday really got some good bites in. I am covered with swollen red circles. Look like I have measles - there are about 20 to 30 bites. So glad they don't itch or hurt. And glad that most of them are under my clothes. No sign of ants in the bathroom today. I look carefully before going in there. 
We're supposed to have more rain around us this weekend. Can feel the humidity in the air. Bill plans on going RC flying tomorrow morning but something in the air is bothering him, his eyes are running like crazy. 
Going to fix some kind of chicken for dinner and fry up some eggplant to go with it. Being so domestic today!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Getting things done day

We've been busy and not busy this week. Getting little stuff taken care of and getting new things set up. I got the new JetPack -mifi - set up with the password and ready to use on both of our laptops. Our other one was about six years old and was getting so it worked when it wanted to. Also called Verizon and got our account taken care of. Had them remove their protection plan that I didn't know we had - to the tune of 18 dollars for two phones. Also canceled our home phone which we never use and no one has the number for. Another $20 a month saved. Somehow we had two data plans, canceled one of them. Another saving. 
We keep talking about taking another short outing to make sure all the problems with the Jayco have been taken care of. Also I got curious and  ordered three meals from Hello Fresh - the meals that come in a box with a recipe.  Got food for two for three meals for $30.00 - special offer. Anxious to see how they are. We will get them next week.
On Wednesday I went out to lunch with a girlfriend. We used to work together in LA school district and traveled a lot together years ago. She lives in Vegas. Went to Hash House A Go Go and had delicious warm spinach salad. Got caught up on each others doings. 
Then that evening I went on line to Vista Print and designed cards for us to use when we're traveling. For the last several years I've been printing them, but with the cost of the business card paper and the ink it is cheaper to order them from Vista Print. 250 cards for $14. Hope they turn out the way they look on line. Added a picture of the RV and a map showing our journey to South American and a picture of the cover of our book. Along with our information. 
My window is ready to solder, but it has just been too hot in the garage to work on it. We're heading into some cooler days and nights so might get some work done on it soon. But have been working on my quilt - it is almost done. Will finish the hand work tomorrow when watching NASCAR.
Found my bathroom infested with tiny transparent ants this morning. They were biting me before I saw them. ICK!
And that is about it. No pictures of anything this week. 
Might have rain here again this weekend. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Interesting Vegas Sunrise.

The weather has been changing here again. It is starting to dry out, lower humidity thank goodness. And for a couple of days we had highs below 100. Took this about 7:30 in the a.m. - the coolest it has been for months. Enjoyed while we could. Next week temps back to 105+.
Yesterday morning Bill left at 5:30 to go flying. I got up before he left. And so I got to see the sunrise. Or the trying to be sunrise - lots of dark clouds around. Sun below the hole in the clouds. 
 And in a little bit above the hole in the clouds. 
 It was also cook enough to finish the grinding of the glass on my window. Now it is ready to be soldered. I got everything set up and managed to solder about two inches before I got way too hot to do it. Guess it is going to wait a while for me to finish it. 
 Spent rest of yesterday working on other projects. Making another small quilt for another great grandchild. A four year old boy who I made a knitted blanket for when he was born. This will be the last quilt - all eight of them have them now. Same material I used for little girl but different sashing material. More boyish. Now I have to go shopping for backing and batting before I can finish it. 
 Also think I will quilt the animals like I did for the other one. 
Ran errands yesterday afternoon and I ended up in a yardage shop - like I really need to be in one...and bought a little bit of material. Might use it making a t-shirt quilt for the RV. Have t-shirts from all over the world. Problem is the designs are all different sizes. Will be a puzzle putting them together. 
Bill was at the hobby shop getting another drone while I was looking at material. I shouldn't have let him go in there alone!
We also went to Verizon to have one of our phones looked at and left there with a new MiFi - We NEVER get out of there without getting something new. They say "should not cost me anymore a month." Will believe it when I see it. 
Spent lots of yesterday and today watching NASCAR. #18 got poles both days for both races. He won yesterday and came in 6th today. Should have won, had fastest car, but a lug nut got stuck in his wheel and he had to make an extra pit stop to fix it. 
Also read an interesting book - chick book - "The Last Original Wife" by Dorothea Benton Frank. Good reading. And it was a free Barnes and Noble ebook. 
Tomorrow we have lots of errands to run and I have to call about our Internet - it keeps going off.