Friday, November 24, 2017

Paradise Lost

Sitting in the RV and wondering what we were hearing. Lots of machinery noise, Very big and loud machinery noise. Bill took the drone out and flew above the jungle behind us. Vegetation is so thick he could see nothing. An hour or so later this came down along the fence behind us. OH NO! The guy shut it down and got out. Bill went to talk to him. Someone has bought the area between the RV park and the canal. All the shrubbery will be cleared out, leaving only the big trees and palm trees. Then houses will be built there! Going to be a lovely winter. Hopefully things move along as slowly as most construction does here. 
 We were going to take a road trip yesterday but Bill didn't feel like driving so a change of plans. We decided to go into Centro to go to TelMex about the Internet and take John and Shirley to the central market. Took a Pulmonia. This one had recently been refurbished. All new paint and upholstery. 
 See how pretty it is. He dropped us off right in the middle of Centro. That is the cathedral behind him. 
 Our first stop was TelMex. The helpful lady at the information desk recognized Bill (our third time there) She was upset that we still didn't have Internet so she made some phone calls. One to her boss who was still home in the shower. She waited until he could get to the phone. The outcome? We would for sure have Internet before the day was over and we would get credit for all the days we haven't had it. And YES when we got home we had Internet!
Then we stopped at the Panama restaurant for breakfast. A display of some of what they were serving that day. 
 Wouldn't you know Bill's breakfast go mixed up so we all ate except him. Manager apologized.
After eating we went to the Central Market and walked around. Then Bill and John walked over to the watch maker to pick up Bills watches - one still wasn't ready. But his favorite one was fixed and running again. Shirley and I sat in the Plaza and waited for them. 
A whole band with their instruments piled out of this truck and walked towards the plaza center. 

 Just a picture of the cathedral from the walkway of the government building. 
 We continued on towards the Plazuela Machado to sit and have something to drink and Bill something to eat. Along the way we met the old gentleman who used to run the parking lot where we parked for years - it is now closed. Because of the roads around it being closed for months they went broke. This home is owned by the parking lot owner and there is come construction going on. Notice the scaffolding with a couple of planks on top of it and the ladder on the planks. One guy holding the ladder while the other goes up to the second floor.
 All along this street the sidewalks and street have been redone and all new trees planted. Several of them were orchid trees in bloom. Such a pretty tree when it is blooming. 
 At the old Beach Burger now the Machado Grill and Steak. New umbrellas for shade and new table coverings. It is still owned by Conchita but run by her granddaughters. Bill had an Italian Chicken Salad and it was as good as ever. Can't wait until we go back there so I can have one. Not much going on in the Plazuela. There were only two of the many restaurants open. 
Then we caught another Pulmonia home. This one was not in so good repair. Notice glove compartment, didn't have much in the way of shocks either.
 Passing the church we noticed a wedding party. The bride was having pictures taken. Best shot I could get.
When we got home we discovered the bulldozer had been busy, but was done for the day by then. It is 7:30 as I write this and the bulldozer is just starting up. Glad we are taking our road trip today. This is what he got done yesterday.. 

This morning was cool enough Bill was thinking about turning on the furnace! So much nicer weather now. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A day in El Quelite

Yesterday, Wednesday, we spent a good part of the day in El Quelite. I have written about and posted many pictures from there, but there is always something different to write about and to take photos of. So here goes. We left about 9:30 so we could have breakfast there. Just turned on to the free road. 
 This little town got smart. Too many vehicles were driving on the dirt shoulder to avoid the vibradores. So they extended them across the dirt. No way to miss them now - thump thump
 At the turn off to El Quelite - can't miss it. We were on our way to this restaurant. 
 The bougainvilleas planted about five years ago are really getting big. They are planted on both sides of the road all the way to town. 
 Looks like the arch is in need of a little TLC.
 Just one of the splits in the road before reaching downtown. So colorful. Lots of humidity and dust in the air.
 A new restaurant in town. Daniels. Will have to try it next time. 
 The front porch of the restaurant. Now there are a couple of little gift shops there to. 
 A new mural in the actual restaurant. The addition they were adding in the spring is now done. It is an upstairs dining area. 
Part of the upstairs dining area. Maybe we'll eat up there next time. 
 After eating we walked over to the cheese factory. The truck had just delivered milk. Had to squeeze around it. 
 The vats of milk waiting to be put in the draining bins. While in the bins the whey drains out. 
 Cleaning up. 
 After the whey drains out the cheese is put into small round containers then refrigerated until it sets up. 
 Walking back towards the main street. This house was bright blue last time we were here. 
 Well on side of it is still blue. 
 We went into one of the gift stores and I saw this amazing butterfly. All mosaic in the wings. Very pretty.
 She is sitting out side the store. Fancy clothes and hat. 
Street side trash can. 
 Ugh, they are even tearing up streets here too. 
 We went up to the area where fighting cocks are raised. This time we were invited in to take a tour and get up close to the roosters. They have over 1000 birds here. Also the hens and eggs. 
 They are tethered to their shelters so they can't reach each other. 
 The manager offered to show us how they fight. He promised neither of them would get hurt. No spurs on them. 
 Showing them to each other, notice the puffed out neck feathers. 
 Squaring off - they make themselves look bigger. 
 They are trained to jump high. 
 Separating them. They naturally want to fight. They sell from US$250 up!
Beautiful birds. 
 Then on towards home. Watch out for the cattle on the road. 
A fun day. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Got 1 and a half errands done

Have to stop and think what day it is/was – Tuesday – turned out to be a busy day. First we went to breakfast at Torres which is always a pleasant experience. Then back home to wait for the painter who is going to paint John’s pickup truck. He came when he said he would be here and drove off with the truck. Will take about two weeks. So we now have some captured tourists to take around with us.
A little later Bill, John and I headed into Centro to do errands. This is what the Malecon will look like when it is completely done. New sea wall and sidewalk, an area for bicycles and skaters and awnings for shade.
This is what most of it looks like now. There sure are a lot of people and equipment working there. The statue in the background is of two baseball players. 
Taking one of the old roads into downtown. The cathedral in the distance. It doesn't seem to be getting any upgrading.
The new parking lot we are parking in now. Right in the center of downtown. As always Willie get a cleaning when we are parked here. One nice thing it is never too full for us to park.
We were going to the optician, the watch maker and TelMex, about the Internet. First stop the optician, he wasn’t there yet, would be there in ½ hour. So on to the watchmaker. To get there we had to pass the candy shop. They were coating walnuts in melted sugar. Smells so good.
The inside of the shop is really colorful.
On around corner to watchmaker. Watches not ready, will be in a couple of days. Notice his sign, hanging there by one hook.
Back past the candy shop – a sign outside it. Don't know what it has to do with candy but I love the colors. 
Bill, of course, had to help the candy girl. Stirring the pot.
Heading towards the center of town. Benito Juarez, the street, is finally open to traffic. Lots of tourist trolleys and traffic - must have been a cruise ship in.
Then on to TelMex. We were assured the Internet would be turned on today – this morning…We’ll see.
Back to the optician. He was there. John ordered new sun glasses and Bill needed the lenses in this glasses replaced as they had a gnarly scratch in them. Be ready by Friday. On to pick up our clean car and head home.
About 5:00 we headed out again to go to dinner at La Bruja in Cerritos. View from our table looking south toward the city.
The restaurant, we were there before it got too busy. By the time we left it was full.
Looking at the beginning of sunset.
John, Shirley and Bill.
Sunset was almost over when I took this. The two light are boats out on the water. 
Then on home to relax. Today we are headed to El Quelite. 
Only 64 degrees out side when we got up. I even pulled the bedspread up over me during the night. Bill is talking about long johns!