Friday, April 28, 2017

A little of this a little of that!

Another very windy day here in Las Vegas, but at least the temperatures are only in mid 70s. Which is good because we are trying to keep the doors closed. Bills allergies are attacking hinm in force. The ONLY thing GOOD is they aren't affecting his breathing like in Indiana. But his eyes, nose and sneezing is full on. In fact he went back to the doctor this morning because the medication she prescribed for his eyes was not working at all. They've been getting worse. So now he has two different eye drops, one for viral allergy infection and one for dry (?) eye. Even though the eyes are running constantly he is to use the drops for dry eyes to give them relief. Also prescription Allegra.
About an hour after we picked up the new meds he was feeling better. Hope they continue to work. And am glad the wind is supposed to let up by Sunday for at least a week. Except then the temps will get up into the 90s - oh well, can't have everything I guess. 
I took a short walk this morning, but forgot to take my water with me, got it out of the refrigerator, set it down to put my shoes on and never picked it back up. But did get in about 1 1/2 miles. 
I just wanted to share this picture of a stained glass window Bill and I collaborated on several years ago. It was for a 4 x 4 window above our front door. Another one we left when we moved. I'd forgotten how pretty it was. The angle of the picture is weird because it was so high up on the wall. 
After we got home from the pharmacy the gardeners came over to find out where we wanted to have sprinklers put in. We'll have them on the back side part of the actual front of the house - where we had the dead tree cut down. And then out back, around the patio and in a semi-circle at the back corner. Then I'll be able to go pick out some plants. They suggested roses - but I want some desert plants. Will decide after the sprinklers are in. 
They also delivered a big table for us as tomorrow is the big spring community yard sale. We've drug a bunch of stuff out of the shed and hope to get rid of some of it. Piled up on and under our new table in the garage. Community table is still outside. Will sort everything out in the morning. The gates don't open till 8. Also went to bank to get some change. And still need to price some things. Maybe later.
Yes we're using the table where the glass window was. This morning I finished soldering the front and put the zinc strips on the sides. Now we can carefully pick it up. It is now back in the sewing room. Will put it back out on the table Sunday or Monday - face down so I can solder the back of it. There is still a lot to do to finish it. 
 After taking that 3-D sewing class I went hunting through my unfinished sewing projects drawer and found my Chinese lady that I started years ago. The print is on a neutral background. And piece by piece I am adding embroidered silk to make her kimono. I got stuck on one sleeve but now think I know how to do it.  The original print came as a set of three women, so if this turns out okay maybe I'll do the other two and use them and some embroidered squares for a quilt. 
Finally got my travel in Mexico web page up and running again. And looking over it I see a lot of pages that need some work. I guess different browsers format the pages differently.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oh where to begin!

Yesterday and today have been really busy. Busy good and busy bad. But first off someone asked me where my stained glass window would go. So here is where it will end up. This little window which for the life of me I can't open - and it faces the wetlands so I don't really want it open. It is not a louvered window the slats are a shadow of the awning over the outside of the window. We will not remove the window simply place the new one in front of the old one. Then frame it with quarter round to hold it in place. I have about 3/4 of the front of the window soldered. Then the zinc frame has to be put on and then the window turned so I can solder the backside. After that it gets turned front up again and I correct all the ugly soldering on the front, clean it really good and then put a patina solution on it that will turn all the solder black to give it a stained glass finished look. So lots to do still.
 Yesterday I went to the dimensional sewing class. So much fun. It was two hours long and learned a lot. Here are a couple of samples the teacher has done. We learned how to do the tree trunks and make rock material look 3 dimensional. 
 While I was in the sewing class Bill was at the RC hobby shop. Should never have let him be there for two hours. Good grief. More new toys. After leaving there were went to the glass shop where I bought the zinc strips to frame my window. The Jeep started to over heat while on the way there. Thought it was the weather, quite warm and the heavy traffic. Thought it would cool down while in glass shop. Well it did but started heating up really bad as we went down the road. Pulled into the first gas station we could find. Of course they didn't have water but they did have a convenience store. When Bill took the cap off we had a water volcano. So he went inside and bought bottled water. Poured it in. Waited. and waited until Willie cooled down enough to start. Only we another two blocks before it was too hot again. So pulled into a parking lot, called triple A and waited - only about 10 minutes. Had him tow us home as it was late by then and Bills planes and my sewing machine were in the car. So here goes Willie wheels up on the tow truck. 
Had him put the Jeep in the driveway across from us as we can't leave a car on the street overnight. 
So this morning we called triple A again and had Willie towed to the mechanic, just down the street. He is there now, mechanic just called a cracked radiator. At least it's not a blown engine.  We were going to put the Jeep back in the backyard and use my car yesterday and until we decided to go somewhere with the RV [which is still at the dealers.] Good thing we didn't or we'd have had a lousy first day of a trip. At least we're home and have a second car. 
But back to the sewing. We learned about making tree trunks and making rock material look like a pile of rocks. So I've been playing today. The tree I made in class and started the rock pile.
The background was just some material I was practicing on with the rocks so ignore it. My tree with a broken branch and no leaves, my rock pile.

 A closer look at the rocks. Next time I try they will look better. This is a learning project. I should have used black thread and a smaller stitch length. Also she taught us to do them by hand, but I used the sewing machine today. 
 The tree trunk. Fabric folded around batting.
 Also fooling with a small creek and some bushes. The bushes need work. I can see having experimenting with this. 
The lady bug is a button I had. 
So that is it so far today. I'm also having trouble getting into my web page and making some changes. So far had to download a newer version of the program and needed a new password. Still not working. grrrrr...Working with the hosting company to solve problem. 
Almost forgot - the park has inspected our roof and tomorrow the regional manager is supposed to be here at the park and he will do the final inspection and hopefully we will all get our money. Eventually. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Walking and working and watching.

Didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted. Seems like the days just fly by even when we really aren't doing much.
I've managed to get in a couple of walks and done some work on my window. Here it is on the new table in the garage. All blocked out and squared up. Took a while to accomplish that - had to recut and refoil about four pieces as it was pretty much out of square. UGH. I hate that. serves me right for not taking the time to make sure it was right the first time. So many things I forgot to do right on this window. Rookie mistakes. 
 We spent some time in front of the TV this weekend. Watched the soccer game from Spain. Our favorite team managed to win. So now they are tied for first place. Excellent game.Leo Messi even managed to get a goal after getting one of his front teeth knocked out. Played a while with a pad of gauze in his mouth. Moral of game don't get Messi mad.
And I watched NASCAR - actually the race ended up being on Monday due to rain. The #18 blew his front tire twice. The second time destroyed the car - end of day for him. 
We have finally finished the Easter ham. Made scalloped potatoes with ham and then froze the bone and last scrapes to make lentil soup one of these days. Oink, oink!
Took a long walk this morning. Going to be a cooler day today. Last couple of days have been quite warm already. This is one of the bushes I want to plant here if and when we plant any. It blooms all summer. 
 The WIND continues to blow. I even saw a stores sign that said "Wind Go Away!". Up to 30 mph today. Quite a head and tail wind when walking
 Isn't this beautiful? Wouldn't it make a beautiful stained glass window. 
 All kinds of bushes and flowers blooming now. I know the bottle brush causes a lot of allergies to kick up but it is a pretty plant. 
Got back from my walk and worked on the window a little. it is about 1/2 soldered on the front side. Then it has to be turned over and the back soldered. So still a lot of work to be done. 
This afternoon I have the dimensional sewing class. That should be fun. While I'm there Bill will go to his RC hobby shop which is in the same complex. One of his planes needed a new receiver - it was faulty. 
Nothing exciting going on. Still waiting for the park manager to come and inspect the roof. Noticed today that two of the homes at the end of our block are in the process of getting new roofs. And another is getting their porch roof replaced.