Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting things done

We have been keeping busy the last few days. Running  all over town trying to get one thing done. Finally accomplished it today. More on that later.
One place we've visited a lot the last couple of weeks is our local CVS Pharmacy. First turning in all our new prescriptions and getting them filled last week. And then this week getting them all refilled again using our "vacation override" so we have enough to last us until we get home around the end of March. Almost got it all done without a hitch - almost...But all is taken care of now. Also had a doctors appointment where I had to leave a sample - and they LOST it - so back across town [about 19 miles across town!] to redo. Almost didn't go back but it is a good thing I did as I'm now on antibiotics for not one but two types of infection. 
As we were running in and out of CVS we noticed the Star Shower Motion Laser Lites on sale. So of course had to get one for the RV while in Mexico. 
This is it in our computer room - just checking it out - wasn't very dark in there but we got the idea. It is now waiting for a place to go in the RV. 
 I'm glad I'd ordered our meals in a box for the week, came in handy. This was our last one. Baked and flavored sweet potato wedges, salad with mango and red pepper and chicken with spices. Very good. Bill wasn't too impress with this one. Not into mango or raw peppers. So yesterday I remembered to go on line and cancel our account. No more meals.
 And my sewing machine finally came back and it is repaired. So over to pick it up. The lady in the repair department was working on this Thanksgiving table runner. Thought it was cute, because there was so much delay in getting my machine back she gave me the pattern. Something to do next year. 
 A turkey at each end. Good way to use up scraps!
 Las Vegas has a brand new ice hockey team - The Golden Knights - so far they've won 4 out of 5 games! The team also has put out a shirt for the 1 October victims. 100% of proceeds will go to families.  From the first time I saw the shirt I wanted one. So while across town we went to their new practice facility in Summerland.  The outside of it. 
Going into their gift shop. 
 The gift shop is called The Arsenal. I looked around and didn't see any shirts. So asked - SOLD OUT. But they'd be getting more in. This was our first trip there. 
 Yesterday we had to go across town to set up our mail forwarding box so since we were over there we stopped at the rink again. The day before yesterday I'd called the shop and was told by a young man that he was going to pick up a load of the shirts yesterday morning and they should be in the shop around noon. He asked for my name and phone number and said he'd call me when they got there. Well we already across town and it was after 1:00 so we went to the rink again. No shirts, told they wouldn't be getting any in and I should order them on line. Only problem was they wouldn't be shipped until end of October. So on home. Later yesterday evening I got a call from the young man. He had the shirts and would hold two for me if we could get there today. YES.
Up early this morning. In time to see the sunrise. 
 The jets contrails are really lit up. 
 Kind of weird formation. 
 So here we were this morning at 10:00 back at the arena. There are two rinks there. One for the Golden Knights practice the other for the public.

 And we got our shirts. This is the logo on the front of the black shirt. The Golden Knights logo is the star and swords at the bottom. I guess persistence pays off.
Bill is outside cleaning up Willie and starting to load him up. We have bags all over the house with stuff to take in them. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Not keeping busy

Been a while since I've posted - really had nothing to post about. My sewing machine is still out for repair -I'd better get it back soon! And the glass I ordered to finish the border on my window probably won't be here in time for me to finish it. 
I did put us some Halloween decorations. These are nicer than they appear in this pic. I had the ghost one pumpkin and the bat. Somewhere somehow my fourth sun catcher must have either been sold or broken as I know at one time I had four. So I had to make the pumpkin in the upper left of the pic. 
 I forgot I had made these place mats last year but found them when I went looking for something fallish. 
 And because I have a lot of scrap glass I did this flower and butterfly. It is about eight inches across. Put it in my bathroom with the other flowers. 
And I finished up this frame that I started way before we left Indiana. The area for the picture is 4 1/2 x 6 1/2. It can be hung on wall or stand on a table. The colors are nicer than they photographed. 
 Bill giving Willie a hug. No not really - we had another big wind storm blow through 55-65 mph gusts and they tore the cover off the back of the car so Bill decided to take the old antenna brackets off the roof rack before covering him back up. Notice the long sleeve shirt on Bill. Earlier he had on jeans too. Got down to low 60's at night and early morning. He is ready to head south NOW.
 We ordered another batch of Hello Fresh meals This is one of them, breaded Italia with a sour cream lemon and chive sauce, asparagus and the bread. I added the salad. Very good. 
 Yesterday we had errands on the other side of town so we stopped at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to see the memorial there. I wanted to take a picture of the cross of our daughter-in-law's friend.  There are 58 crosses there each made by a man in Illinois who put them in his truck and brought them here. Each one has a name on it. 

 Then we went to the glass shop to see if there was any other glass I could use for my border. Hopefully the one I need will come in while we are gone. They will save it for me. 
Then up to the new practice Ice Rink for the hockey team the Golden Knights. They have a t shirt I'd like to get but were sold out. 
And then fixed another box meal. Stuffed peppers. Very good and easy to make. Even have left overs for tonight or tomorrow.  
Today we went to the pharmacy to order our meds for the whole winter. So far no problems, they should be ready by middle of next week.
Weather is perfect finally. Even managed to get in  a walk the other day. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tribute to a victim of the Las Vegas shooting.

Our daughter-in-law has made a tribute to her friend who died in Las Vegas. She has signed the song "I Hope You Dance" Very moving. Right click on the video to unmute it. From her Facebook page. "A friend of mine was one of the victims in LV. This devastation has affected so many people. My heart and soul goes out to all the families, friends, and loved ones forever changed by this senseless act. In this time of tragedy and darkness, I feel best thing to do is to spread love, light, and warmth to every single person I know. That is how my friend lived her life, and that unstoppable spirit is something no one can ever change or take away from you. She lived her life always smiling and always dancing. Pati, this ones for you babe 💫💗 💃 Lee Ann Womack "I Hope You Dance"